Oct 102012

Most of class today was given to an activity exploring the size of our solar system. Below are the steps to perform the exercise.


First, take a length of paper (receipt paper works great) that measures about your height.

Label one end Sun and the other end Pluto.

Fold the paper in half and crease it. Unfold and label this crease Uranus.

Now fold the paper again in half and then in half again. Unfold and you should now have creases halfway between the Sun and Uranus and Uranus and Pluto. Label the crease nearest Pluto – Neptune and the one closest to the Sun – Saturn.

Fold the paper so the Sun and Saturn meet and label that crease Jupiter.

Fold so Sun and Jupiter meet and label that crease Asteroid Belt.

Fold Sun to Asteroid Belt and label Mars.

Now fold Sun to Mars and keeping that fold, fold again. When you unfold this you should have 3 creases between Sun and Mars. Label them from in order Mercury, Venus, and Earth from the Sun.

Taken from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific – www.astrosociety.org


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