Feb 072013

Last class students completed the ACP1 worksheet. Most failed to read the instructions so we are trying it again this time however, it will be completed at home and due the first of the period on Monday. Also, I noticed misconceptions about our Sun and how far away it is from us so we visited for a few minutes on that as well as discussing the speed of light. I gave examples of how Google searches work pertaining to how fast the results are returned and what happens to get those results. Yes, all related to the speed of light.

In order to download the ACP1 worksheet at home and access it, here are a couple of ways of doing it:

  1. Save the download, then upload it to Google Docs and from there print it so you can hand write the answers
  2. Save the download, then upload it to Google Docs making sure the conversion application is on so you can edit in Google Docs.
  3. Download and use the RTF version of the document. Most any document editor will work with this file.

If you have any issues, you can email me (rsanchez) and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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