Oct 022012

Hopefully you have have your topic for your expert project chosen. You should have disclosed your choice to me today. If not that needs to be done ASAP. Rest of class was given to research.

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Sep 212012

Today we watched a video that demonstrates size comparisons of different stars. After a little discussion students were given time to explore topics for their research project. Towards the end of class, those who had decided gave their topics to me. I will not see the astronomy students until next Thursday due to MAP testing. I would like you all to have a topic by then, but don’t fret if you don’t.

Star Size Comparison video

Sep 192012

Mrs. Stafford came in today to give a presentation on how to conduct research. Of particular importance was the use of databases located on the district library site that will help students find information from trusted sources.

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Sep 112012

Most of class today was spent going over the astronomy web site which can be accessed through I also showed how to use “eyes on solar system” site. We conclude class by watching the first 5 minutes of a video  called The 7 Wonders of the Solar System.

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Friday 9/7/12

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Sep 072012

We spent the first part of class going over Eyes on Solar System web site. Demonstrations of some of the capabilites were shown and then time to explore the site (5-10 minutes) rounded up the class.

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