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Rick Sanchez is a technology teacher at Clear Creek Middle School in Buffalo, Wyoming. He started teaching there in 1996 as a 6th grade math and social studies teacher. A couple of years later he moved to 7th grade math and was given a period a day to help other teachers with technology issues. He then changed positions into a technology instructor with the development of an IT Essentials class at the high school half time, an intro to computers for 6th grade, and an intro to web design for 7th and 8th grade. Two years later he was offered a job as an instructional facilitator in technology for the district. In 2008, the funding model for facilitators at the state level changed and he move back into the classroom full time teaching intro to technology classes with topics covering video, web design, flash, programming, digital graphics and IT essentials. The Spring of 2009, Rick and a couple of colleague of his started working on creating digital literacy awareness for the staff at Clear Creek Middle School using discussion forums and surveys. Their goal is to help teachers incorporate digital literacy in the classrooms.

He received his BA in Elementary Eduction and middle school endorsement from the University of Wyoming and his MA in Math and Science Integration from Colorado College. He has continued to take classes in multiple disciplines but concentrates on technology. He is currently working on an E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Stout online.